National Cocker Spaniel Championship Shows

The first Cocker Spaniel National Championship Show was held in Victoria in 1985.

Every two years a Cocker Spaniel National Championship Show is hosted by a member state-based cocker spaniel specialty club.

The Judge is chosen by the hosting Club from the UK 'A' Judges list, and  considered a Cocker Spaniel specialist.

At a National Show, the dog and bitch classes are judged on separate days and may be split into AOC (any other colour) and Solid (solid colours).  Split classes are not a requirement, the host club makes that decision. Classes can include baby, minor, puppy, junior, intermediate, australian bred and /or state bred and /or exhibitor bred, open, veteran 7 - 10 years and 10 + years. Since 2016 neuter class has been added to the schedule. A breeders team class may also be included.

Written critiques are provided for all placegetters and generally as the shows are so large, there may be up to 5 placegetters in any class.

To win a class at a National is a wonderful achievement, and to win the Best in Show award would be the pinnacle for any breeder or exhibitor. 

Results for each of the National Championship shows are listed on a separate pages.



The next and 20th National  Cocker Spaniel Championship Show will be hosted by the Cocker Spaniel Society of NSW in Sydney on 25 and 26 May 2024. 


Followed by Queensland on 10 and 11 August 2026.


List of host states: National Cocker Spaniel Championship Shows:

2036 - Australian Capital Territory
2034 - Queensland
2032 - New South Wales
2030 - Victoria
2028 - Australian Capital Territory
2026 - Queensland
2024 - New South Wales
2022 - Victoria
2020 - ACT Cancelled due to COVID-19
2018 - Queensland
2016 - New South Wales
2014 - Victoria
2012 - Australian Capital Territory
2010 - Queensland
2008 - New South Wales
2006 - Australian Capital Territory
2004 - Victoria
2002 - Australian Capital Territory
2000 - Queensland
1998 - South Australia
1996 - New South Wales
1994 - Queensland
1993 - Australian Capital Territory
1992 - Victoria
1990 - South Australia
1998 - New South Wales
1985 - Victoria

**Photo published with permission